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Hello, I'm Faf, I run this page and the VTResources Twitter.
I collect and organize all the VTuber/Streaming-related resources that I happen to come across!
Check out the buttons at the top of this page if you're interested in useful VTuber resources such as useful software/apps, guides, free/low cost assets (PNGs, Graphics, Music, etc.), helpful tips and more! You may also look through the commissions listings for art, graphics, models, music/audio, and video work!

This all used to be on a Google Doc but the original has since been inaccessible due to an erroneous takedown (thanks Google), hence the creation of this carrd page!
Update: Apparently the Doc is back (for who knows how long) but any future updates will be on this site!

Suggestions / Feedback

If you have suggestions OR anything mentioned below, use the form in the links above or Tag/DM @VTResources on twitter!

  • Resource or Commission recommendations (self-recommendation is okay)!

  • Suggestions

  • Corrections / Broken or Incorrect Links / Spotted Typos

  • Encountered issues with any persons or items listed (i.e. plagiarism, breach of TOS, scamming/bad practices, etc.)

  • OR if you would like to have your information edited or removed if you are listed

※ If some resources/guides are found to be redundant, the item with more coverage and recency will be considered and listed (or some items can be combined).
※ Redundant entries from the same creator may be combined, if you are an asset/resource creator, I highly recommend you to put all your stuff in one place.
※ Resources that are severely out of date will be removed/denied.
※ Similar to the above, inactive commissions will be removed periodically.
※ Commissions suggestions that lack enough information may be denied, having commissions information in a website or twitter bio/pin is appreciated.
※ Questionable resources/creators may be removed/denied.

VT Resources Twitter

If you made a post on twitter that you'd like the twitter account to RT, just send a mention to @VTResources or DM the post link!

Contact Notice

Note that the Twitter account does not respond to vague/conversational DMs. Please send a message with details in full rather than starting a DM conversation with just a "Hi," "Hello," or "I need help."

Things that Get Retweeted on @VTResources

  • Guides, Useful Tools, Useful Tips, PSAs, Advice, General Etiquette (& some positivity on occasion)

  • Free to Use (F2U) Assets: PNGs, Graphics, Music, etc.

  • Commission Openings/Announcements

  • Opportunities for VTubers & Calls for Commissions (e.g. "I need BGM music!!!," "Looking for a Logo," etc.)

  • Calls for Help/Advice

  • Free or Discounted Games / Software

Things that DON'T Get Retweeted on @VTResources

  • Posts that already have been retweeted

  • Purely self-promo/raffle style posts

  • Individual commission results

  • AI Generated Content (due to unethical sourcing/training from unconsenting artists)

※ There is a general cooldown period of weeks to a month (when the RT button is green) for retweeting posts from an individual, please do not spam mention the account.
※ Purely self-promo/raffle posts & individual commission results are not typically retweeted, please share informative posts that include multiple examples and general pricing.

General Resources

General VTuber related resources, items that are bolded are either highly popular or worth considering.

General Resources & Guides

Giving Design Brief for Graphic Design CommissionsNikkiCommissionsUseful for those that want to commission a creator for graphic designs to help the designer understand your VTuber's theme
How To Commission ArtiststobyCommissions"A handy guide for clients!" Useful for those looking to commission artwork, can be applied to other commissions
How To Take Art CommissionstobyCommissions"A detailed guide for artists" Useful for those who offer (or plan to offer) commissions
Live2D Commissions & Art Prep GuideFafCommissionsGuide for Commissioning Live2D Models & for Artists new to Live2D parts separation. Will be regularly updated
VTuber Commission Q&ABrian TsuiCommissionsAn in-depth discussion about the Live2D commissions process hosted by Brian Tsui, each session focuses on one aspect: Riggers, Artists, and Clients
no helloUnknownCommunicationA useful insight into communication in general but very important to consider for productive conversations such as commission inquiries, collabs, or other projects
crediting your art: vtuber editionlunaCreditingA well formatted guide on how to properly credit your artists on social media
Brand BasicsVera VeeGrowth/MarketingBranding advice workshop for vtubers; hosted initially as a stream, and this is the VOD
Google's Digital Marketing CourseGoogle Digital GarageGrowth/Marketing"Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to help your business or career." Includes a certificate upon completion
How to Grow on TwitchSam WoodhallGrowth/MarketingShort infographic on how to grow on Twitch
Merchandise Guide for VTubersJarofRubiesArtMerchandiseA thread on the basics of making and selling merchandise online for VTubers (and artists)
Merchandise Resourceslily graceMerchandiseA database of places to get merchandise (stickers, prints, apparel, etc.) made
doodledoodlePlanningTool for collab planning / scheduling
notion.soNotionPlanningWorkspace for notes / planning / organization
World Time BuddyWorld Time BuddyPlanningTimezone converter, useful for planning/collabs
Dealing with Bot RaidsSugoiSafetyGuide to dealing with bot raids on your streams
Twitter Cropping Ratios GuideDuckySocial MediaTwitter cropping guide for best ratios to use to present images
AlternativeToAlternativeToSoftwareFind crowdsourced software recommendations / alternatives to mainstream software
CapcutCapcutVideoFree all-in-one video editing app (for mobile devices)
HandBrakeHandBrakeVideoFree open source software to convert video from nearly any format
Phia's VTubing Tutorials PlaylistPhiaVTubingPlaylist featuring video guides for VTubing
Serotina's VTuber GuideSerotinaVTubingVideo with tips on things that you may need to become a VTuber
Landing Pages (See Note)VariousWebsitesSites for Bio/Link pages: Carrd | Campsite | bio.fm
Website Builders (See Note)VariousWebsitesSites for easy website building: Google | Weebly | Wix

Streaming / OBS / Tech Related Resources

How to Use OBS in 5 MinutesSenpai GamingOBSCrash course on how to use OBS
Optimizing Videos in OBSItsVengeyOBSGuide on optimizing videos in OBS to lower CPU usage
Senpai Gaming ChannelSenpai GamingStreamingYoutube channel full of useful tutorials and resources for streaming. Covers tech, growth, streaming platforms (Twitch vs YT), etc.
Bitrate CalculatorCory TannerStreamingAn easy calculator to determine your bitrate for streaming.
Bitrate GuideKatsuki DStreamingVisual guide on recommended bitrates and resolutions for streaming
F.U.C.K.FugiStreamingaka Fugi's Universal Creator Kit: Subathon countdown & sub counter tools
Discord Reactive ImagesFugiStreaming/CollabEasy Discord to OBS integration for collabs, also works as a PNGtuber tool
Iron Vertex Collab Tool (TBD)*Iron VertexStreaming/CollabShare Live2D avatars easily, features include easy room creation, 10 people rooms, security, PNGS, & transparency.
OBS NinjaOBS NInjaStreaming/CollabShare moving avatars via video feed, guide by Ozzy here
Playground*playgroud_ggStreaming/CollabShare Live2D avatars| Customize Screen Settings (Background/Lighting/Bloom) | Drawing Tool (*beta). Links: Playground Tool | Help page | Blog
Twitch Attire / Nudity PolicyTwitchTwitchTwitch's guidelines on Nudity and Attire. Be sure to read thoroughly and keep it in mind when designing your avatar. See: KohakuACE's visual interpretation.
Twitch ToolsCommanderRootTwitchUseful streaming tools, especially in addressing bot raids Example tools: follower remover, blocklist manager, Emotes Content ID (for identifying potentially stolen emotes), Backup VODS & Clips, etc.

*Use direct avatar sharing apps/programs at your own risk, be sure to do research/read up on the program's security measures to ensure the safety of your avatar, though Playground has addressed security concerns.

Supplemental Streaming Resources

OBS Closed Captioning PluginRatWithACompilerAccessibilityCC via Google Cloud Speech Recognition API. It's fully optional to viewers and uses Twitch's built in caption support.
Stream Closed CaptionerStream CCAccessibilityCC extension for Twitch. "Add Closed Captions to your Twitch stream or Zoom meeting today with just a few clicks of the mouse."
Web CaptionerWeb CaptionerAccessibilityFree browser based captioning
BetterTTVNightDevExtensionTwitch enhancement extension
FrankerFaceZFrankerFaceZExtensionTwitch enhancement extension
Twitch Chat PronounsAlejoExtensionBrowser extension, allows viewers to input their preferred pronouns and for you to view them
Easy Spotify Stream DisplayBosco JonezStream ToolMiniplayer UI to display your currently playing Spotify songs read page to learn how to use & credit
HypeRate.ioHypeRate.ioStream Tool"Free heart rate widget"
Kruiz ControlKruiser8Stream ToolKruiz Control enables a pseudo code approach to manage and automatically handle channel points, chat, and alerts.
OneCommeAstieDogStream Tool[JP] Comment App for Streamers. Can display comments from multiple streaming platforms, TTS, chat templates, translation, & more. Also has an English language option.
PulsoidPulsoidStream ToolDisplays your heart rate on OBS via browser source, needs a compatible device
TriggerFyreMikeyHayStream ToolSet up media triggers such as images and sounds for your stream
Mix It Up BotMixItUpAppChat BotChat bot for stream
Nightbot.tvNightDevChat BotChat bot for stream
streamer.botnateh1280Chat BotChat bot for stream
LioranBoardLioranBoardStream Deck"LioranBoard is a completely free and fully customizable stream deck, which can be used both on PC and Android devices."
Touch PortalTouch PortalStream Deck"Control your desktop software and machine with your mobile device"
Zaytri's Custom Chat BubblesZaytriStreamElements WIdgetChat widget, can customize bubble styles, text, colors, emote appearance, sfx, etc. Can display viewers' pronouns if they use the Twitch Chat Pronouns extension by Alejo.

Audio Resources

Advanced Audio for OBSEmelia KeyAudioGuide to advanced OBS Audio setup (goes over setting up virtual audio cables, separating listining/VOD Audio, & more)
Artificial PanningYamiAudioGuide on how to simulate a panning effect for ASMR content.
Make Any Mic Sound Expensive in OBSThe Video NerdAudioVideo guide providing a detailed breakdown on how to set up your mic & mic filters in OBS.
Mic Muting for CollabsPacemaskAudioHow to mute your mic for good collab etiquette
win-capture-audiobozbezAudio"OBS plugin that allows for audio capture from a specific application, rather than the system's audio as a whole."
Getting into Music ProductionCoffee RunMusic ProductionA twitter thread explaning how to get into music productions for those interested in giving music production a try.
A Brief Explanation of the Mixing ProcessVESENSingingA thread that explains what goes on in the process of mixing audio for vocal covers.
How to record for coversMiiTangSingingSimple guide on recording for covers in Audacity
Karaoke MugenKaraoke MugenSingingA collaborative and open-source project on karaoke
Singing CarrotsSinging CarrotsSingingTools for singing, find your vocal range, test if you can sing in tune, practice with exercises
Transposer Extensiontranspose.videoSingingBrowser extension tool for transposing audio from karaoke videos for a more singable key
Youtaite Harmony Guide ArchivedaniSingingHarmony guide archive for songs (Japanese, Idols, KR, ENG, other)
Youtaite ResourcesYoutaite ResourcesSingingChannel with tutorials/guides/tips for mixing, animating, art, vocals, and organization for singing/covers
Getting Started in Voice Acting/r/VoiceActingVoice ActingVoice acting subreddit resource listing

Art / Asset Creation Resources

Art/Animation Resource SheetPuccaNoodlesArtCompilation of art & animation guides
Art ResourcesdaitsaisanArtCarrd compiling art education resources
CSP Tutorial MasterlistVAMPBYTEArtCompilation of art guides (mainly for Clip Studio Paint)
Deep Blizzard's Art SchoolディープブリザードArtDrawing lessons for artists at various levels
CanvaCanvaAsset CreationSimple graphic design platform, provides templates to edit (some free materials)
FigmaFigmaAsset CreationBrowser based (and downloadable) tool for graphic design, has collaborative features
flaticonfreepikcompanyAsset CreationSite for vector icons, some free, check for usage guidelines for each pack/icon
Easy Graphic DesignYingAsset CreationA video guide on how to create simple and easy graphics on Google Slides
Google FontsVariousAsset CreationLicensed under the Open Font License. Uses: print or digital, commercial or otherwise
MotionityAlyssa XAsset Creation"Motionity is a free & open source motion graphics editor for the web. Browse assets, add keyframes with easing, mask layers, apply filters, text animations, Lotties, audio, and much more." Guide here
PhotopeaPhotopeaAsset CreationFree browser based image editor
Seamless Looping BG MakerpatternicoAsset CreationFree tool for creating seamless looping backgrounds
Stinger TutorialSpvwvkyAsset CreationTutorial for making a simple stinger in After Effects.
CHARATCHARATAvatarAvatar creator, can be used for quick character design inspiration (Can be used for streaming/commercial use). Full usage guidelines here
PicrewTetrachromaAvatarAvatar creator, can be used for quick character design inspiration & SNS icon usage. Can NOT be used for streaming/commercial use for most cases. Each maker has its own guidelines, please read & respect them

VTuber Tracking / PNGTubing Software

Live2DVIewerEXPavo Studio2D Tracking$4.99 on Steam
PrprLiveI-Reality Network Technology2D TrackingFree on Steam, Paid DLC provides slightly better tracking
VTube StudioDenchi2D TrackingOne time purchase per tracking device (webcam/mobile), good tracking if you have an iOS device with FaceID
3teneplusplus2D/3D TrackingFree on Steam (3D only), 2D options on the official site in JP
AnimazeHolotech Studios, Inc.2D/3D Tracking2021 Successor to Facerig, freemium payment model
KalidofaceRich2D/3D Tracking2D & 3D browser-based tracking app
Hitogatamogg3D TrackingFree to download
LuppetNegipoyo3D TrackingPaid software
SUVAGuribo3D Tracking$4.99 to download
VIRTUvirtu_official3D Tracking"VRM + Face & Hand tracking on iPhone, Android, and PC."
VSeeFaceEmiliana3D TrackingFree to download
Wakarueyeyokotta3D TrackingFree on Steam
GazoTuberAi RisunPNGtubing"A very easy to use software for PNGTuber"
HonkGodJammitPNGtubing$12.00 USD to download. PNGtubing tool using image swapping for lipsync & tracks eye movement to your mouse
PNGtubing via HotkeysStarPNGtubingPNGtubing tutorial using OBS & hotkeys, guide uses a Stream Deck but you may use other alternatives such as a custom macropad.
veadotube minilunaPNGtubingLightweight, easy-to-use vtuber app - a simple program that lets you switch between two images as you talk.
だれでもVtuber96ENUPNGtubingFree program for detailed reactive PNGs (detects mic volume & supports automatic blinking). ENG language available for the paid ver

You may view NE0_Trinity's Tracking Software List for even more options & extensive breakdowns of each software (Live2D / VRM / PNG).

VTuber Avatar Plugins / Overlays

Chroneco AppsChronecoPlugin/ToolGumroad Shop. Contains customizable chatting apps & overlays for StreamElements/Streamlabs.
ShoostMuRoPlugin/Tool$5.00 USD App that allows added VFX (blur, glow, diffusion, etc.) to your avatar to provide an atmospheric effect. See Hiroe's written guide or Yorashoo's video guide to learn more.
Spud OverlaysVirtual_GravesPlugin/ToolOverlays that track inputs and maps them onto animated hands/appendages (keyboard & mouse, drawing tablet, controller), customizable and free!
All VTS PluginsVariousPlugin/Tool (2D)List of all VTubeStudio Plugins, plugin developers may submit their plugins/tools to the list.
VBridgerPiPuProductions & SerpPlugin/Tool (2D)$9.99 USD for App, $19.99 for Editor. Face tracking plugin for VTS & Live2D, designed to make better use of iPhone ARKit tracking.
MeowfaceSuvidrielPlugin/Tool (3D)Android precision face tracker, sends ARKit-style tracking data to VSeeFace. Link to app & additional tools in video description.
SVIFTSuvidrielPlugin/Tool (3D)"Allows integration of Twitch to VRChat and VSeeFace through OSC and VMC-protocols" Tutorial here.
TIFAMelonSpeedrunsPlugin/Tool (3D)"An experimental application that allows viewers on Twitch to interact with their favourite streamers!"
VRoomojousamayoPlugin/Tool (3D)An app for that allows VTubers to be in a 3D environment. Can be linked with tracking software such as VSeeFace. Commercial use is OK.
VTuber PlusDemonLionLeoPlugin/Tool (3D)$5.00 USD to download. Throwing system for 3D VTubers "VTuber Plus is a tool that allows Twitch viewers to interact with streamers!"
VDrawOgura LaboratoryPlugin/Tool (3D)Paid software, animates avatar according to input modes (Drawing, Gaming, etc.)

Discord Servers

VTuber AssetsKou MariyaAssetsDiscord for finding and sharing VTuber assets such as props, body parts, seasonal items, backgrounds, graphics, etc.
ENVTubersFumiko HoshiGeneralPartnered server. Helping aspiring VTubers on their journey!
VTuber Starter KitEmerson KeyGeneralDiscord server to provide support for any VTuber who wants to debut or learn about starting as a VTuber
Inochi2DLunaInochi2DSupport server for Inochi2D, a free & open source 2D puppet animation suite. Get support, discuss with users, and keep track of development.
Live2D Community DiscordBrian TsuiLive2D / MarketplaceLive2D user community, find Live2D resources/help and commission Live2D artists/riggers, events are hosted on occasion
VTuber Market ServerVariousMarketplace"A hub for artists, riggers, and 3D modelers to sell, and for buyers who are interested in buying assets or hiring services from those categories."
VTube Studio HeadquartersDenchiVTube StudioOfficial server for VTube Studio, has a FAQ and section for support/troubleshooting for VTube Studio


Free to use assets (or affordable) for VTubing/streaming purposes! Some creators have commissions open for custom assets, check them out if you'd like to support them and would like custom assets!

This section updates rather slowly as I am just one(1) littol person and I can't keep up with the explosive pace of asset creation! If you'd like to see specific assets documented on this page, feel free to send them in via the suggestions form! (Assets that are grouped into a single location/page like ko-fi shops are greatly appreciated).If you'd like to keep up with the latest trending assets:
※ Consider joining the VTuber Assets Discord Server for assets organized by channels, asset request channels, & more!
※ Follow @VTResources on twitter for regular retweets of assets and more!
※ More assets can be found by browsing through these tags on Twitter:
#VTuberAssets, #Vtuber素材 (VTuber Materials), #フリー素材 (Free Materials), & #配信素材 (Stream Materials)
※ Reminder to follow the creator's rules/guidelines before using! (use DeepL or Google Translate if needed!)

Be sure to read Creator Guidelines / Terms & Conditions before using!

Items / Accessories, etc.

VTuber Material SearchVariousVariousSite that aggregates VTuber Assets from Twitter, assets categorized by item type and events.
Assets by 7MDigital7MDigitalVariousFree to use Mics, Beverages, Drawing Tablets, etc. No usage rules, but credit is appreciated
Assets by Argama WitchArgama WitchVarious300 free assets for vtubers to create custom streaming backgrounds. Free to edit but do not remove credit or redistribute
Assets by catboymechcatboymechVariousFree to use Chairs, Tables, Beds, Blankets etc. Free to edit, credit appreciated, feel free to tag the creator if using!
Assets by CindryCindryVariousPetting & Head Smacking gifs & a picrew for creating avatars for streaming
Assets by DadadogdogDadadogdogVariousVarious 3D assets, includes throwable assets for TITS.
Assets by EgguminEgguminVariousVarious 3D assets with physics for use in VTuber Plus.
Assets by Emerson KeyEmerson KeyVariousVarious free assets by Emerson Key. Please credit if possible!
Assets by FafFafVariousVarious Live2D assets
Assets by FelineEntityFelineEntityVariousVarious 3D assets, includes throwable assets for TITS.
Assets by KaeOnlineKae OnlineVariousVarious food, drinks, outfits, accessories, and effects.
Assets by Kurono GomiKurono GomiVariousVarious free assets (mostly animated) by Kurono Gomi
Assets by MariyaKou MariyaVariousAssets include Kalimba Hands, Piercings, Mickey Mouse Accessories, Oppai Mouse Pad, & Mario Kart Stickers
Assets by usanekomemoryusanekomemoryVariousVarious free assets by usanekomemory. Copyright belongs to the creator, commercial use is OK, do not redistribute
Assets by AllenAllenVariousVarious free assets inspired by LazuLight, credit appreciated, free to edit/recolor
IrasutoyaIrasutoyaVariousHuge collection of free to use PNGs (max 20 items per stream/video) find items by browsing through categories or searching in Japanese
TelopictTelopictAnimations, VariousRoyalty free animated material, no item limit, can be used for commercial purposes, do not sell/redistribute materials
BTTV emotes on VTubeStudioTotixEmotesFree to use BTTV emotes to use in VTube Studio
Animated Icon MaterialsStudio DemsatoEmotesAnimated materials primarly for icon usage, for personal & commercial use, more information on usage in .txt file
Assets by Ariru (See Note)ariruAccessories, Food/DrinkFood | Items - Free to use food & item PNGs. Credit appreciated, feel free to tag the creator if using!
Assets by Mezamizu (See Note)MezamizuEquipment, Food/Drink1 | 2 - Free to use Bear Tumblrs & Kitty Mics
Birthday AssetsNekoreVieDeathAccessories, Food/DrinkFree to use birthday themed assets, free to edit, don't claim as your own or sell
Blankies by MifflueMifflueClothingFree to use blankies, Free to use commercially, credit is appreciated but not necessary
Blue Snowball MicskorroEquipmentFree to use mics: Feel free to tag creator to share, support them via Ko-fi
Boba by ElexElexFood/DrinkFree to use boba PNGSs. PWYW
Boba by ParasiticBunParasiticBunFood/DrinkFree to use boba PNGs. Do not edit or claim as your own!
Café AssetsKoumori NahiFood/DrinkFree to use food & drink assets, credit appreciated
Chairs by Toto ToruruToto ToruruEquipmentFree to use chairs in various styles, like & RT if used, follows appreciated
Fast Food SetsItadaki-YasuFood/DrinkFree to use fast food PNGs, RTs & Donations appreciated
FFXIV Job drinks (See Note)ViMiMiFood/Drink1 | 2 - Free to use FFXIV-themed drinks, credit appreciated
Figure BaseHaru NishimuraEquipmentFree to use action figure base
Gaming/Racing/Podcasting AssetsTotixEquipmentFree to use gaming/racing/podcasting setup bundle, Credit & RTs appreciated
Glowsticks AssetJayuAccessoriesFree to use glow stick animation, credit required
Graduation AssetsLorelei AltoClothingFree to use graduation outfit & accessories, credit appreciated
Halloween AssetsTsukiLunaAccessoriesFree to use Halloween assets
Halo RingypropsAccessoriesSoft glared, metallic, animated ring, has 3 sizes of images, credit not necessary, commercial use allowed
Hand PosesMantou ReiHandsFree to use hand posess to use in VTube Studio, feel free to tag the creator if using!
Headpieces & KotatsuFuruya MariAccessories, EquipmentFree to use Glasses & Kotatsus, credit appreciated
Juice BoxesVanilla TeaFood/DrinkFree to use juice boxes, credit not necessary
Luxury DeskDabriaEquipmentFree to use luxury desk
Maid DressesSasafuru KikinoClothingFree to use maid dresses, perfect for Maid Day (May 10)
Pastel Gaming ChairsLarSheenEquipmentFree to use gaming chairs
PenlightsNaexi GlaurwyrmAccessoriesFree to use penlights, credit appreciated
Kotatsu PNGsKaleido MuubiiEquipmentFree to use kotatsus, credit optional, RT/Sharing is highly appreciated!
Ring Fit Adventure AssetsFreyEquipmentFree to use Ring Fit Adventure Hands & Rings, free to edit
Suga Mami's PropsSuga MamiEquipmentFree to use props, credit optional, do not redistribute or claim as your own
Tablet PNGsClementine MurcottEquipmentFree to use tablets, commercial use allowed, free to edit!
Tablets: Wacom Cintiq 16nootEquipmentFree to use tablets, RTs appreciated and feel free to tag the creator if using!
TablesAqua PunkEquipmentFree to use tables, please RT
TablesHanaEquipmentFree to use tables, likes, RTs, following are appreciated
Teacup AssetUwasaFood/DrinkFree to use teacup assets

Graphics: Backgrounds, Overlays, Panels, etc.

Graphics by AoshioAoshioVariousFree to use Graphical Assets, editing is OK
Graphics by AsheekaAsheekaVariousFree to use Graphical Assets, credit appreciated
Graphics by Axel / MarudesuAxel / まるですVariousFree to use Overlays, Templates, and Panels, credit required
Graphics by Freya AmariFreya AmariVariousFree to use BGs & Overlays, terms on page
Graphics by LochNessyTheLochNessyyVariousFree to use backgrounds, badges, overlays, and assets.
Graphics by mirumirumirumomirumirumirumoVariousOverlays, Backgrounds, & Item Assets
Graphics by NikkiNikkiVariousOverlays, Badges, Panels, & Item Assets.
Graphics by SpvwvkySpvwvkyVariousStingers, Overlays, Alerts, etc. Offers multiple variations in colors.
Graphics by Toto ToruruToto ToruruVariousFree to use Graphical Assets, like & RT if used, follows appreciated
Kawa Entertainment ToolsKawa EntertainmentVariousVarious tools provided by Kawa Entertainment
BGs by Endon designENDON_designBackgroundsFree to use BGs by Endon design
BGs by KeiraWorksKeiraWorksBackgroundsFree to use BGs by KeiraWorks
BGs by LucyLucyloosesBackgroundsFree to use BGs, free to edit, credit appreciated
BGs by Theo TNNTheo TNNBackgroundsFree and P2U Background Assets
Dynamic Looping BGKyuuBackgroundsFree to use looping BG, RTs and Tips appreciated
HikidashihikidashiBackgroundsFree to use BGs (& a few accessories/PNGs) - Terms of Use Page
Looping Background_JhinxxBackgroundsFree to use looping BG
OKUMONOOKUMONOBackgroundsFree to use BGs (& a few accessories/PNGs) (max 5 items per stream/video)
RoomstylerRoomstylerBackgroundsCreates 3D rooms and converts them to images (standard definition is free to use)
Sky Backgrounds緒雨BackgroundsFree to use for editing and commercial use. Don't claim these as your own.
VN BackgroundsUncle MugenBackgroundsFree to use BGs for any purpose, ok for both commercial and free projects
Overlay by AryaAryaOverlaysFree to use overlay, credit required
Overlay by AsheAsheOverlaysFree to use overlay, assets are separate for freedom of arrangement
Overlay by chibichibiOverlaysFree to use overlay, credit required
Overlay by KyuunaKyuunaOverlaysFree to use overlay, RTs appreciated
Overlay by LucyLucyloosesOverlaysFree to use overlay, free to edit, credit appreciated
Overlay by shushishushiOverlaysFree to use overlay, credit required
Overlay: Apex ThemeFuuka RinOverlaysFree to use overlay
Overlay: Arknights inspiredKiyeenOverlaysFree to use overlay, credit appreciated
Overlay: Monster Hunter ThemesakumasanOverlaysFree to use overlay
Overlay: Monster Hunter ThemeAmanashi MiyabiOverlaysFree to use overlay
Overlay: Vintage Star ChartonipilotOverlaysFree to use overlays, don't claim as your own, credit required
Overlays by DiaDiaOverlaysFree to use overlays, RT if using, credit appreciated
Overlays by Inugami RitsuInugami RitsuOverlaysFree to use overlays
Overlays by kaikaiOverlaysFree to use overlays
Overlays by KidaKidaOverlaysFree to use overlays, more in thread, credit required
Overlays by lorelain (See Note)lorelainVTOverlays1 | 2 | 3 - Free to use: credit required if you use "(and lmk so i can watch u stream ;-;)"
Overlays by maGmelmaGmelOverlaysFree to use overlays (and BGs)
Overlays by ShibuShibuOverlaysFree to use overlays, Rules: 1) Don't claim as your own 2) Don't redistribute 3) Don't modify 4) Don't sell it!
Overlays by Sozai AirisSozai AirisOverlaysFree to use overlays (and other free material)
Overlays by MuMuOverlaysOverlays are free to download for a limited period of time when posted, do not edit/redistribute, do not remove watermark
Overlays by toastoestomaOverlaysFree to use overlays & other free assets: For personal, non-profit use. Do not claim as your own, credit appreciated!
Overlays by zixia (See Note)zixiaOverlays1 | 2 | 3 - Free to use Overlays: Do not reupload/redistribute - credit appreciated
Overlays by 未早未早OverlaysFree to use overlays, credit optional but do not modify or redistribute
Streamlabs/SE Chat Box OverlayjhoOverlaysFree Streamlabs/Streamelements chat box overlay. Multiple customizable themes. Overlay maker/artists: allowed to use in paid comms.
Switch OverlayDr KinutaOverlaysFree to use Nintendo-Switch overlay, Copyright belongs to the creator, do not edit/redistribute, tagging the creator is appreciated
Fumiko's Free ResourcesFumiko HoshiOverlaysFree to use overlays and stream screens
UnsplashUnsplashPhotographsFree to use images
Schedule by ASTERIN.EXEASTERIN.EXESchedulesFree to use schedule template
Schedules by Bukibukiyos_artSchedulesFree to use schedule template
Schedule by DesemberDesemberVTSchedulesFree to use schedule template
Schedule by KizukishikiKizukishikiSchedulesFree to use schedule templates, do not claim as your own
Schedule by lorelainlorelainVTSchedulesFree to use schedule template
Schedule by RirikoRirikoSchedulesFree to use schedule template & other assets: Please RT and/or like if you use it
Schedule by UraraumiushiuraraSchedulesFree to use schedule template
Schedule by zixiazixiaSchedulesFree to use schedule template
Schedules by minaeteaminaeteaSchedulesFree to use schedule template
Stingers by meirameiraTransitions8 free to use simple transitions, credit appreciated! just don't claim them as your own
Scene MakerNerdorDieStreamFree scene making resource for BGs, logos, stream labels, etc.

Free/paid Models

Free / Paid models to use to get started in VTubing at a low cost or just to have for fun!
You may be able to find more models available for purchase at the Premade Live2D VTuber Directory and Booth & Nizima.
Remember to read Creator Guidelines / Terms & Conditions before using!

vTuber KitKyuppin2D Model"vTuber Kit is a free vTubing solution used to make custom models using pre-made art with face tracking & mic integration built in!"
Among Us Crewmate ModelkrisLive2D ModelFree to use Among Us Crewmate model, comes with the PSD for customization
Anime Girl ModelazuyaniLive2D Model($25 USD) Customizable premade Live2D Model.
Black Cat ModelexslashLive2D ModelFree to use cat model
Golden Retriever ModelGhostimuLive2D ModelFree to use simple Golden Retriever model, free to use, credit required
Eula ModelZerosArtLive2D ModelFree to use Eula Model
Hamtaro ModelMonochromeAgentLive2D ModelFree to use Hamtaro Model
Hilichurl ModelsJynzieLive2D ModelHilichurl Model, free to use, credit required
Oniisan ModelLithia VeyLive2D Model($40+ USD) Customizable premade Live2D Model.
Mini-Seelie ModelJynzieLive2DModel Mini-Seelie Model, free to use, credit required
Kvxart's Live2D Models & AssetsKevinXuLive2D ModelShop contains Live2D Project Files of models that contain highly experimental rigging as well as Live2D assets.
Laprio's Free ModelLaprio ArcaenaLive2D Model, PSDLaprio's old model & PSD, free to use for VTubing/Learning Live2D, provide credit to @uwutaa & @pepement_vt if used
Fotori - ARKIT Virtual Modelfofamit3D Model($50 USD) "A vtuber model compatible with most of the common vtubing applications such as VSeeFace."
twee's male VTuber base modelstweeVRoid ModelFree to use customizable VRoid file credit required

*Some of these avatars are from existing IPs/are copyrighted characters, use at your own risk. At the very least I suggest not using these kinds of models as the base for your identity/branding.

Stream-Safe Audio

Free to use music/audio assets for VTubing/streaming purposes!Be sure to read Creator Guidelines / Terms & Conditions before using!

Music: Multiple Sources / Collections / Compliations

AimToHeadAimToHeadMusic"Providing copyright free music for creators, advertising, streaming etc."
Backing TrackBackingMusicMusicRoyalty Free Rock and Heavy Metal for creators.
BensoundBensoundMusicRoyalty Free music by Bensound
BGM PresidentBGM PresidentMusicFree to use music, Guidelines here.
Chillhop for creatorsChillhopMusic"Free-to-use music for your online content." Follow instructions when signing up
Creative Commons Legal MusicCreative CommonsMusicList of CC-licensed music sites
DOVA-SYNDROMEDOVA-SYNDROMEMusicFree-to-use music, used by many JP VTubers
FilmstroFilmstroMusicRoyalty free music by Filmstro
ImunoImunoMusicSafe music for social streamers
Lofi GirlLofi GIrlMusicFree-to-use 24/7 lofi radios and uploads. Guidelines here.
Music cleared for twitchPureSpiderMusicCompilation of music cleared for twitch streaming
Mubert StockMubert StockMusicRoyalty-free music for video creators
Music PandaMusic PandaMusicNo copyright, royalty-free, and creative commons music for everyday listeners, vloggers and content creators.
NoCopyrightSoundsNoCopyrightSoundsMusic"NoCopyrightSounds is a copyright free / stream safe record label, providing free to use music to the content creator community. "
PretzelPretzelMusicStream-safe music for Livestreamers
soundtrack by twitchTwitchMusic"A rights cleared music tool designed for Twitch creators."
Stomp's PlaylistStomp's PlaylistMusicSafe to use Lofi Music, more information in about & video descriptions
Storyblocks Royalty-Free MusicStoryblocksMusicRoyalty-free music from Storyblocks
StreamBeatsHarris HellerMusicCopyright Free Music for Twitch Streamers and YouTubers

Music: Single Source (Individual Creators / Small groups)

Some of these creators have commissions open for custom assets, check them out if you'd like to support them and would like custom music!

Free VTuber BGMs by EmEmMusicFree-to-use BGM Tracks by Em, terms of use on Ko-fi page
Free VTuber BGMs by KonMinogame KonMusicPack of free BGM for VTubers by Minogame Kon, additional BGM here, credit required
Free songs by KiguRoomieKiguRoomieMusicFree-to-use music by KiguRoomie, credit required
ForArtistForArtistMusicFree to use music, Guidelines here.
Incompetech Royalty Free MusicKevin MacLeodMusicFree-to-use Royalty free music, credit required
OtologicOtologicMusicFree-to-use BGM, Jingles, & Sound Effects, credit required: credit as "OtoLogic" Terms of Use here
KODOMOiKODOMOiMusic"I make kawaii music with happy and chill vibes" Usage Policy here
LordAethelstan's Free BGMLord AethelstanMusicFree to use BGM Tracks by Lord Aethelstan, credit appreciated
Luna's Creative Commons WorksLunaFoxgirlVTMusicFree to use music tracks under CC attribution & share alike license. Commercial used allowed as long as you link back
LUVCO Sound ConnectionkentaxMusicFree-to-use collection of music for VTubers/Youtubers, no restrictions, copyright belongs to the owner (kentax)
Music Atelier AmachaAmachaMusicFree-to-use BGM (commercial & personal use OK), edits/remixes are OK. Don't claim as your own, don't register on any content ID system
Noiseless WorldNoiseless WorldMusicFree-to-use BGM. Guidelines here.
Peritune Free BGM ListPerituneMusicFree music material site for personal, commercial, and general purposes
SharouSharouMusicAlmost all tracks are free to use, check each video description for terms of use.
Silvervale's DMCA-Free MusicSilvervale | ShantySharkMusicSilvervale's DMCA free Lo-Fi album
Spvwvky's BGMsSpvwvkyMusicFree to use BGMs with credit. Spotify Playlist Here.
StreamAssets PlaylistsTotixLOLMusicCheck the VTuber Vibes & DMCA free music playlists for stream-safe music
Stream CafeStream CafeMusic"free comfy music for VTubers"
VISO: Virtual SoundsUTALIVE & the UTALIVE CommunityMusic"A pack of loopable, royalty-free, DMCA-free streaming BGMs created by the UTALIVE team and community."
UTALIVE BGMsUTALIVEMusicFree-to-use BGM pack for VTubers, credit UTALIVE + the composer whose track(s) you're using, and link to their Twitter

Sound Effects & More

Arkhand SFXArkhandSound EffectsFree-use/stream-safe alert SFX and ambience
Dark Arts FXDan SoundEffectsFree sound effects package
freesoundfreesoundSound EffectsCollaborative database of free sounds released under Creative Commons licenses.
GameAudioGDC's free SFXGameAudioGDCSound Effects"Royalty-free and commercially usable. No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects."
ZapsplatZapsplatSound Effects"Free, royalty free music tracks" Usage/License Info here.

Modeling Guides

Resources/Guides/Tips for 2D/3D Modeling.

Modeling Softwares & Useful TOols

Live2D - CubismLive2D Inc.2D ModelingFree to download but with limited features, purchase the Pro version for full use. - Software used to rig 2D models. If you are a student, you can try to apply for a student discount for Live2D PRO and save a LOT (76% off a 3 year plan)!!!
Inochi2D - Inochi CreatorLuna2D Modeling[Twitter] "The free & open source 2D puppet standard and reference implementation aimed at vtubing" - In beta open source alternative to Live2D, note that it is an entirely different format from Live2D.
BlenderBlender3D ModelingOpen Source 3D modeling program.
picoCADJohan Peitz3D ModelingA program to build and texture lowpoly 3D models. (Not sure if you can use it for VTubing but it looks neat! :3c)
VRoid Studiopixiv3D ModelingFree to download: simple 3D character maker.
Live2D CSV ConverterLobsterMatsuriLive2D Tool"Script that takes the ArtMesh CSV exports from Live2D and converts the IDs to match the Name field while still following the ID naming constraints." EXE release in Twitter thread/replies.
MoliKalsaKeyLive2D ToolTool that converts tracking data into motion/animation data for Live2D, credit appreciated if used (@KalsaKey)
Sheets to Live2D Params ToolCrunchyLive2D ToolTool for easy creating and editing of parameters in Google Sheets to import into Live2D
VRM to Pmx Convertersuperowner3D ToolConverts VRM models to PMX models for MMD usage. Guide here.
Magical TexturesigeponVRoid ToolTexture creation tool for VRoid, sigepon also provides additional 3D related tools in their Booth shop
Vroid2PmxmiuVRoid ToolAllows your VRoid model to dance with MMD with the touch of a button.

Live2D Guides / Resources

Brian Tsui's ChannelBrian TsuiLive2DMany resources on Live2D: Tutorial playlists, workflows, showcases, etc.
Deep Blizzard's Live2D PlaylistディープブリザードLive2D[JP] Basic introductory course for Live2D
Everyone's Live2D LabVariousLive2D[JP] Compilation of articles related to various aspects of Live2D.
Himono's ChannelHimonoLive2DGuides and tips on Live2D Art and Rigging.
Live2D FAQL2D Community ServerLive2DFAQ Doc from the Live2D Community Server Discord
Live2D ProtipsRanLive2DCompilation of Live2D tips by Ran, will be continuously updated.
Live2D Tutorial by enmaEnma AkatsukiLive2DPlaylists covering preparing art for Live2D, giving a sense of depth, and setting up a flat image for rigs
Live2D Tutorial by LeeAnZeloLeeAnZeloLive2D[CN - ENG subbed] - Detailed playlist with guides on art/PSD setup, rigging, & animation
Obakasahara guidesobakasaharaLive2D[JP] Various guides on Live2D rigging, i.e. a Neck Outline Masking Tutorial
Official ManualLive2D Inc.Live2DOfficial Manual on Live2D Cubism, covers all aspects of the software in a written format
Official TutorialsLive2D Inc.Live2DOfficial tutorials on Live2D Cubism
VTuber Commission Q&ABrian TsuiLive2D, CommissionsAn in-depth discussion about the Live2D commissions process hosted by Brian Tsui, each session focuses on one aspect: Riggers, Artists, and Clients.
YoshinoArt's PlaylistYoshinoArtLive2DVideo guides on various topics in Live2D
Comms & Art Prep GuideFafLive2D: Art, CommissionsGuide for Commissioning Live2D Models & for Artists new to Live2D parts separation. Will be regularly updated.
Drawing for Live2D TipsHimeyLive2D: ArtTips on drawing an Live 2D model ready for rigging
How to cut art for Live2DQmoriLive2D: ArtQmori's guide on how to cut art for Live2D
How to cut VTubers for Live2DChai/YuekoLive2D: ArtArchived stream on how to cut Live2D model art to prepare it to a rig-ready state
Layer Splitting Guide瀬白しぐれLive2D: Art[JP] Layer splitting guide by Seshiro
Separation Guide for Furry ModelskujamoriLive2D: ArtSeparation guide on furry models
Boob Physics TipskajiwaramangaLive2D: Rigging[JP] how 2 boob
Distort Tool TipMikaLive2D: RiggingMika's tips on using the Deform Tool in Live2D for head angles
Duplicating Eyes TutorialFafLive2D: RiggingHow to copy one eye to the other side so you don't have to rig each eye individually.
Gamer Mouse & KB TutorialRuruLive2D: RiggingGuide for incorporating a mouse & keyboard into a rig
Hair Layering for Detailed Head TurnsMikaLive2D: RiggingAn in-depth guide into how to layer hair for detailed/realistic looking head turns
Himono's 3D Effect ExplanationHimonoLive2D: RiggingExplaining the division of parts to create a three-dimensional effect!
Himono's Head Turn TechniqueHimono | hamsterCrumbsLive2D: RiggingTwitter thread on Kanbutsu Himono's L2D Head Turning techniques, translated by hamsterCrumbs
Himono's PatreonHimonoLive2D: RiggingEnglish Translated articles covering Himono's processes.
Karrot's Live2D Basics ClassKarrotLive2D: Rigging5 hour VOD of a lecture on the basics of Live2D, a PSD is provided to practice rigging/follow along
Live2D Project OptimizationMikaLive2D: RiggingTip on optimizing your project file.
Live2D Tech TipsKira OmoriLive2D: Rigging2021 Rigging tutorials by Kira Omori, currently includes mouth and eye rigging tutorials
Live2D Tutorial 2020Brian TsuiLive2D: RiggingBrian Tsui's Introduction to Tools and Technical Concepts Playlist
Merry's Text Guide to Live2DMerryLive2D: RiggingText guide introducing the general workflow of Live2D.
nonon.'s Live2D Tipsnonon.Live2D: RiggingCompilation of Live2D tips by nonon.
Shadow Layers on MultiplyARHDianLive2D: RiggingA tip on how to use several shadow layers on multiply without them interfering with each other
Skirt Physics GuideGiratora | kujamoriLive2D: RiggingGuide on skirt physics
Skirt Physics (Floaty) GuideアネシアLive2D: RiggingGuide on floaty skirty physics
Snout Layering GuideMikaLive2D: RiggingVisual breakdown of how to separate layers for doing snouts for animal or furry models

Live2D Model Files / Study Material

Arch ChanRavioliMavioliLive2D Model (Project File)Live2D model for study, licensed under Creative Commons.
Cillia's Live2D ResourcescilliaLive2D Model (Project File)Example projects featuring body bounce & hair physics. only for learning/reference purposes
Novaj's Live2D ResourcesNovajLive2D Model (Project File)In-depth resources on mouth rigging: simple mouth, detailed mouth, & a VBridger tester mouth.
Kvxart's Live2D Models & AssetsKevinXuLive2D Model (Project File)Shop contains Live2D Project Files of models that contain highly experimental rigging as well as assets.
Official Inochi 2D Example ModelsseagetchInochi2D Model (Project File), PSDOfficial Inochi2D Example Models, PSDs included, so they may also be used for rigging practice for Live2D.
Official Live2D Sample ModelsLive2D Inc.Live2D Model (Project File), PSDOfficial Live2D sample models, some include model data & PSDs to dissect and study
Laprio's Free ModelLaprio ArcaenaLive2D Model, PSDLaprio's old model & PSD, free to use for VTubing/Learning Live2D, provide credit to @uwutaa & @pepement_vt if used
Base by SpoiledChestnutSpoiledChestnutLive2D Model, PSD[Additional Bases Here] Freely customizable base for Live2D rigging, for personal & commercial use
Annie VTuber ModelxunidrawsModel Art (PSD)PSD only for learning purposes, do not use as a personal model or sell for profit
Akari-chan (Tori ver.)ToriidokiModel Art (PSD)Live2D model art PSD for Live2D rigging practice.
Chibi Base by SpoiledChestnutSpoiledChestnutModel Art (PSD)Freely customizable chibi base for Live2D rigging, for personal & commercial use
Chibituber Rigging Practice ModelSelcoModel Art (PSD)For beginners who want to practice on a chibi model! ONLY FOR STUDYING/LEARNING PURPOSES
Karrot's Chibi PSDKarrotModel Art (PSD)PSD only for learning purposes for Karrot's Rigging Basics Class, tag it under #karrotclass if used for practice & posted on Twitter
Test-Chan PSDEmModel Art (PSD)PSD only for learning purposes, do not use as a personal model or sell for profit
VTuber Model by AsteliAsteliModel Art (PSD)Live2D model art PSD for Live2D rigging practice.
Ariru's Model ArtAriruModel Art (.clip)Speedpaint & Model Art Files (.clip, not PSD) of Ariru's old model, notes/addendums on separation in replies
Cat's Avatar BasescatboymechModel Base (PSD)Free Live2D VTuber avatar bases to trace/learn/use for your own models!
MONDZECKE's Avatar BaseMONDZECKEModel Base (PSD)Free Live2D VTuber avatar bases to trace/learn/use for your own models!

3d Guides / Resources

Low Polygon Modeling TipsLee3D ModelingLow Poly modeling tips
Virtual / Avatar Stuffs PlaylistFofamitBlender, VRChat, VRMPlaylist with a variety of videos that cover VTuber Apps, Avatar Editing, VRChat, and more
Argama Witch PlaylistsArgama WitchVRoidVarious tutorials on VRoid modeling
ARKit/iPhone Tracking Guide2wintailsVRoidA thread on what you need for iPhone/ARKit face tracking
2wintails's VRoid Tips2wintailsVRoidA thread on how to improve your VRoid model
How to take HD VRoid PicsTripleQVRoidSimple tutorial on how to take a high resolution picture of your VRoid model
TheVirtualRealityShow's ChannelTheVirtualRealityShowVRoidGuides on creating VRoid Avatars
VRoid Modeling AdviceKusomanagerVRoidThread sharing intermediate level knowledge on VRoid model making
Suvidriel's PlaylistsSuvidrielVRoid, VRMLots of tutorials for VRoid VRM models
DIY Leapmotion chest mountKusomanagerTrackingSimple tutorial on how to make a DIY chest mount for Leapmotion for better tracking

commissions listings home

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

Sites hosting commissions / Marketplaces

ArbumArbumCommissions[Thai Site] Site that allows for regular commissions & skeb-style commissions via Artsign.
Artists & ClientsArtists & ClientsCommissions"A marketplace that connects artists to prospective clients. Buy and sell beautiful pieces of handmade digital artwork."
Candle.ggcandle.ggCommissionsSite for finding people to commission or connect with (Artists, Devs, Content Creators, Graphic Designers, Editors, Managers, etc.)
CommishesCommishesCommissionsFeatures YCH-type commissions, General Commissions (CRM), Portfolios, and more. Wiki for more information.
Commiss.ioCommiss.ioCommissionsCommission platform/marketplace. "Your clients can request custom commissions without an account. We help manage queues, slots, invoicing, security, and more."
Pixiv RequestsPixivCommissions[Japanese Site] You may send illustration "requests" to artists on Pixiv to commission them. Pixiv Requests allow for payment via Paypal & credit card.
SkebSkebCommissions[Japanese Site] Commission platform (art focused), features automatic translation, no communications aside from the initial request in exchange for fast results and low costs. See guide here.
SkimaSkimaCommissions[Japanese Site] Commission platform, you can commission art, modeling work, edits, graphic design, adoptables/character designs, writing, etc.
vtuber.ggIron VertexCommissionsSite listing active Live2D artists & riggers, managed by Iron Vertex
Premade Live2D ModelsDAXDirectory"A directory listing of premade Live2D models and adoptables that you can use for streaming."
ACONACONMarketplaces"3D Models for Creators! Find desired webtoon/webcomic background, or animation, VR, etc!" Aimed towards webtoons artists but can be used for background art or VR usage. Read here for commercial usage & copyright info.
BoothBoothMarketplaces[Japanese Site] Marketplace for all kinds of things such as VRoid assets, graphics, props, software/apps, etc.
NizimaLive2D Inc.Marketplaces[Japanese Site] The official Live2D marketplace where you can buy and sell Live2D model art & Live2D models.
VTuber CatalogVTuber CatalogCommissions ListingAccount dedicated to promoting creators that offer VTuber-related commissions (Art, Graphic Design, Mograph, Riggers, etc.)

Art Commissions

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

🛠️ - Indicates a guild/group or association with one. Please contact them via their group's website / contacts instead of the individual.
Some groups may present themselves as a singular entity (or it may be difficult to find individual member info) so they may be listed as such.

7M|C7mcproductions.com🛠️ [7M|C] Assets, Backgrounds, Mascots
Aerlya Graphicsaerlyagraphics.comEmotes, Badges
aeru studioaeru.studio🛠️ [aeru studio] Designs, Reference Sheets
Aimimiiaimimiii.weebly.comanimated chibi gifs
Cellironcelliron.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes, Chibis
Chiisekochisekocommisions.carrd.coEmotes, Animated Emotes, Badges
Dou Studiostudiodou.net🛠️ [Dou Studio] Illustrations, Emotes, Badges
Emelia Keychronosco.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes, Assets
Faelionsfaelions.carrd.coIllustrations, Animations, PNGtuber art
inkcurryn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Illustrations, Chibis
Itachieeveetachicommissions.carrd.coIllustrations, Designs
Junette Studiojunettestudio.carrd.coBadges, Assets
Kairuikairuichan.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes
Kanpatella.me🛠️ [Patella Coop] Designs, Reference Sheets
Kaoruxxkaoruru.carrd.coBackgrounds, Assets
Kirlianakirliana.carrd.coChibis, Illustrations, Emotes
KKaonimkkaonim.carrd.coIllustrations, Chibis
Kopikopintea.carrd.coIllustrations, Chibis, Reference Sheets, Badges, Emotes, Assets
Krystialkrystial.uwu.aiEmotes, Illustrations
Little Lulylittleluly.carrd.coEmotes, Chibis, Illustrations, Reference Sheets
Lunalunullabee.carrd.coEmotes, Badges
Lunarium Lablunariumlab.carrd.co🛠️ [Lunarium Lab] Assets
Lytelllytell.carrd.coIllustrations, Designs, Icons, Animations
Marky Evanmarkyevan.carrd.coIllustrations
misomisobuns.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes
Miiveimiiveiart.com/twitchcommissionsEmotes, Animated Emotes, Badges
melomelovt.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes
mielzymielzy.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes
Miermiermir.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes
MyniMyxiimynimyxii.com/portfolioIllustrations, Emotes, Badges
Nagipatella.me🛠️ [Patella Coop] Backgrounds
Negai Labnegailab.com🛠️ [Negai Lab] Chibis
Oziozisama.carrd.coReference Sheets, Chibis, Illustrations
PinkTDoodlesn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Illustrations, Emotes, Backgrounds
RubieMooniemoonierubie.wixsite.com/commissionStatic & Animated Emotes, Badges, Panels, Alerts. "I also do some YCH Co-op content with other artists."
Sayuuisayuui.com/commissionsIllustrations, Designs
sleepyruun/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Emotes, Chibis
Sonika Ariyanicommissions-sonikaariyani.carrd.coIllustrations
sun/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Animated Art
Sumiisuulore.carrd.coIllustrations, Chibis, Emotes, Badges
TenshiHankafiverr pageIllustrations, Emotes
TeruPancaketeru.moeIllustrations, Designs, Reference Sheets
Theo TNNtheotnn.carrd.coBackgrounds (Separate PNG assets avaialble upon request)
TinyTonyBeantinytonybean.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes
Tiuuien/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Emotes
Usamiusamivt.wixsite.com/commissionsIllustrations, Emotes
UWU MEDIAuwumedia.com🛠️ [UWU MEDIA] Assets, Backgrounds, Chibis
Wesley K. Dancen/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Backgrounds, Illustrations
Xolgaxolgabur.carrd.coIllustrations, PNGtuber Art, Emotes, Badges
Yuviyuvicomms.carrd.coIllustrations, Emotes

Graphics Commissions

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

🛠️ - Indicates a guild/group or association with one. Please contact them via their group's website / contacts instead of the individual.
Some groups may present themselves as a singular entity (or it may be difficult to find individual member info) so they may be listed as such.

Aerlya Graphicsaerlyagraphics.comLogos, Panels, Overlays, Stream Screens, Alertss, Ads, Widgets, Call-To-Action, Banners, Stingers
Axelforiio.com/axel-marudesuPanels, Overlays, Logos
aeru studioaeru.studio🛠️ [aeru studio] Overlays, Stream Screens
crystelcrystelet.comOverlays, Stream Screens, Banners, Ads
Ciarra Chiiciarrachii.comLogos, Overlays, Stream Screens
Diadianthussiv.carrd.coOverlays, Stream Screens, Schedules, Panels
Dou Studiostudiodou.netOverlays, Schedules, Logos
Emilia Keychronosco.carrd.coOverlays, Stream Screens, Logos
frayrefUnder Maintenance🛠️ [frayref] Overlays, Stream Screens
Junette Studiojunettestudio.carrd.coOverlays, Stream Screens, Panels, Schedules, Alerts, Banners, Logos
Katiee Primekatieeprime.comOverlays, Stream Screens, Panels, Schedules, Alerts, Stingers, Banners, Logos
Lunarium Lablunariumlab.carrd.co🛠️ [Lunarium Lab] Overlays
Luniluni.crd.coLogos, Overlays, Schedules
Melonturtlemelonturtle.netOverlays, Stream Screens, Panels
minaminaetea.carrd.coOverlays, Stream Screens, Logos, Panels
Negai Labnegailab.com🛠️ [Negai Lab] Overlays, Stream Screens, Schedules, Stingers
numinumiieo.com/homeOverlays, Stream Screens, Panels
Onipilotonipilot-flight.carrd.coSchedule, Overlays, Logos
Puchipuchidesign.carrd.coLogos, Schedules, Overlays, Panels, GUI
Ringo Usvalan/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Logos
S.AYpatella.me🛠️ [Patella Coop] Overlays, Logos
Seikahatoseika.carrd.coOverlays, Stream Screens, Schedules, Banners
StarFyr3zstarfyr3z.carrd.coLogos, Overlays, Stream Screens, Banners, Panels
StefanusHendystefanushendy.carrd.coLogo, Banner, Ads, Schedules
UWU MEDIAuwumedia.com🛠️ [UWU MEDIA] Logos, Overlays, Stream Screens, Stingers, Alerts, Banners, Panels, Ads

Live2D Commissions

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

✔️ - Indicates that the rigger is a verified/whitelisted vendor in the Live2D Community Discord. "These Vendors have been screened by the server mod team and have a portfolio of multiple projects." Meaning that these riggers should be safe to commission.
🔪 - Indicates that the rigger does cutting/PSD corrections and/or consultations. Extent of corrections and fees will vary across riggers.
Other riggers (especially those who are artists or are associated with a guild/group) may offer cutting/corrections but have not explicitly stated it in their website, check their websites thoroughly first, and then contact them if you have concerns about PSD preparation.
🛠️ - Indicates a guild/group or association with one. Please contact them via their group's website / contacts instead of the individual.
Some groups may present themselves as a singular entity (or it may be difficult to find individual member info) so they may be listed as such.

Art & Rigging

Availability on art & rig solo/package offerings may vary.

aeru studioaeru.studio🛠️ [aeru studio]
Aoi Natsunoseiryu.live🛠️ [Seiryu]
Aria Rinariarinchan.carrd.co🔪
Faffaf.dog✔️🔪 currently selective, sometimes streams comms
funamuseaseiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]
Karamomo Kitchenkaramomo.me🛠️ [Karamomo Kitchen]
Kevin Xukvxart.com 
Kira Omoririggermortis.carrd.co✔️🛠️ [Rigger Mortis]
Kurono GomiTOS | Form🔪
Maymaygebee.carrd.co"Also does character design, provide an initial design sketch"
Mikariggermortis.carrd.co✔️🛠️ [Rigger Mortis]
Momoiro Kohiriggermortis.carrd.co✔️🛠️ [Rigger Mortis]
Moshie Studiomoshie.studio🛠️ [Moshie Studio]
Mozaic Heaven Atelierhttps://heaven-mozaic.carrd.co/✔️🛠️ [Mozaic Heaven Atelier]
Saladdesimuffins23.carrd.co"Furry Live2d baybeeee"
SpoiledChestnutGoogle Doc✔️
Sunny Hinodesunnyhinode.com🔪


925 (Kuniko)seiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]
Alexyon Chopperseiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]
Anguuhaiiseiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]
ARSArtemiz | Seiryu✔️🛠️ [Artemiz] [Seiryu]
Ciarra Chiiciarrachii.com 
Crunchyriggermortis.carrd.co🛠️[Rigger Mortis]
Frusumiseiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]
Haildihaildicommission.carrd.co✔️ "Feel free to message me."
hamsterCrumbspatella.me🛠️ [Patella Coop]
HarulilyGoogle Doc🔪
Iron Vertexironvertex.com🔪🛠️ [Iron Vertex] Commissions limited to returning clients & their referrals
Muffcakezzrelive31.carrd.co🛠️ [re:LiVE]
Noirelive31.carrd.co🛠️ [re:LiVE]
Novajriggermortis.carrd.co✔️🛠️ [Rigger Mortis] Specializes in detailed mouth rigging & VBridger
Otozuki Teruterubaka.carrd.co✔️🔪
PuppetWorksn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)🛠️ [PuppetWorks]
radioradiocr8.carrd.co"I also do 2D Animation, Motion Graphics and VFX through Live2D and After Effects"
RaiManjirouArtemiz✔️🛠️ [Artemiz]
Ranseiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]
RenaizumiArtemiz✔️🛠️ [Artemiz]
Shiouti Shiromseiryu.live🛠️ [Seiryu]
Shiranui_bzwshiranui-bzw-live2d.carrd.co✔️🔪 "Do Live2D animation/rigging for games and Vtuber, and sometimes tutorials"
Spiral Herospiralworkshop.carrd.co 
TRedCatrelive31.carrd.co🛠️ [re:LiVE]
Veinyseiryu.live✔️🛠️ [Seiryu]

Model Art

Akari Yukiiriscomm.carrd.co"I specialise in cute style girls and boys, I can do femboys, kemonomini(animal features), mecha and nearly everything except furry/anthro."
BarghestBlackriggermortis.carrd.co🛠️[Rigger Mortis]
Choriggermortis.carrd.co🛠️[Rigger Mortis]
Emelia Keychronosco.carrd.co"I specialize in complex original fantasy and sci-fi characters, accessory and weapon designs and detailed anime art style"
Henriettepatella.me🛠️ [Patella Coop]
Manamimanami-hanatsuki.carrd.co"please find my examples in my pinned"
Miss Jackiecommissionmissjackie.carrd.co"Does animal art"
Nut Casenutcaseart.com 
pythrexxpythrexx.carrd.coI specialise in cute character look (I prefer character with slightly extreme characteristic/ having special features).
Shiyorinshiyorin99.carrd.co"Check pinned post. Cute girls and boys. You can either DM me on Twitter or Instagram just fine!"
Yunanon/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 

The Live2D Community Discord

Consider joining the Live2D Community Discord to find more Live2D Art/Rigging Commissions!

  • First, read the server #rules channel, then go to the #market-readme channel.

  • Read througholy and follow the instructions to gain access to the #live2d-commissions channel.

  • Alternatively, you can go to the #i-want-clients channel to browse through artists/riggers with open commissions.

  • You can also visit the server's website hosting Live2D art/rigging listings at vtuber.gg.

3d commissions

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

🛠️ - Indicates a guild/group or association with one. Please contact them via their group's website / contacts instead of the individual.
Some groups may present themselves as a singular entity (or it may be difficult to find individual member info) so they may be listed as such.

⚠️ Modelers that do not mention if they work in VRoid will be under the assumption that their models are from-scratch and put into the 3D Modelers category. If you are uncertain about the modeler's process, I recommend sending an inquiry. DM me if a modeler is miscategorized.

3d Modelers

Amai P-chanamaipchann.carrd.co 
Birdchiin/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Blepblep35-commissions-1.jimdosite.comAlso offers VRoid modeling.
Feline Entityfelineentity.carrd.coDoes 'smol' Chibi type models
Graelythn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
LueGoogle Doc 
Moon boin/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Does unconventional/non-humanoid models.
MotherLyraGoogle Doc 
Mr. Bluen/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)3D assets (TITS), Backgrounds, Model Edits
NueOSn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
OishiiZillaozilla.carrd.coFurry Models
Raynorn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"3d Model, assets swap, lewd stuffs"
Rexyrexiehh.carrd.coDM on twitter to check status / be on a waitlist, Works with Blender, Unity and Vseeface
RIPKaylizzlen/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)3D VTuber Models & Props
Shonzon/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
sikkun/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Sognan/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Kemono Models
SKRIGGANskriggan.carrd.co3D environment art
TenshiHankan/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)3D Modeling, Blender, VRChat Rigging
Vinjivinji.ju.mpEnvironments, 3D assets (TITS), Characters, Animations
Voxidbrian-farrar.comLow Poly 3D modeler
Yosua Thamrinyosua.carrd.co 

VRoid Modelers

Azun/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Battynatorn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Cake Chann/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)works with Blender and Unity, able to make custom clothing and accessories
Dadadogdogdadadogdog.carrd.coVRoid, Custom Models, 3D Assets (TITS)
Dariruu Pomdariruupom.carrd.coCute/Chibi/Mascot type models, models are not rigged
froggyn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Joanajoanacommission.carrd.coUses VRoid + Blender 3D Modelling for VTubing, MMD, and VRChat
Otra Hanamisfitworks.net 
TanjoGoogle Doc 

Music & Audio Commissions

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

🛠️ - Indicates a guild/group or association with one. Please contact them via their group's website / contacts instead of the individual.
Some groups may present themselves as a singular entity (or it may be difficult to find individual member info) so they may be listed as such.

Music/Audio Production

Amerynameryn.carrd.coBGMs, Mixing
Arcade Talesn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"Guitarist - Instrumentalist - Music Producer"
Arkhandarkhandmusic.wixsite.com/commsBGMs, SFX
Ash Ekrixin/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)BGMs
Brattybrattynnella.com/commissionSFX, BGMs
Captain Upbeatn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Cha Lattechalatte.cafeBGMs, Alerts, Mixing
Cliff McConairen/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)BGMs
darkbluecatdarkbluecat.com/commissions"music production in general, made jingles for many vtubers (including NimuVT and girldm)"
DASA!dasai.carrd.co🛠️ [DASA!] BGMs, Mixing, Mastering, Alerts
Denshidenshi.xyz"I am offering custom Vtuber/Streamer Background Music, Intro/Outro Songs, and Alert sounds."
egon/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"producer/mixer"
Epsilonn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"Music Producer | Hardstyle | Metal | Piano"
Essephesseph.carrd.coBGMs, Jingles, Instrumentals, Originals
Gabriel Cantorgabrielcantor.carrd.co"BGMs, Instrumentals, Originals, Alerts, Jingles"
Haru-Pn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Instrumentals
Jay VounterGoogle DocFocus on orchestral arrangements, also does mixing & mastering
Kagami Furikagamifuri.wixsite.com/websiteOriginals, BGMs
KawaiiPastelGoogle DocFull Music Production, BGMs, Mixing, Mastering
Khangn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"music composer || i make bgms, dm me if you want to commission"
Kitkat & Boppokitkatboppo.carrd.coBGMs, Instrumentals, Originals, Mixing
Kohaku Yuuyuukohaku.carrd.coBGMs, specializes in Lofi, Lofi/Hip Hop, Lofi/Jazz
Kojiro Kaelusdlseastudios.carrd.co"Music for your games, commercials, productions, streams, and more!"
Konn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)BGMs
koshumupiko-mix.com/PXstudio/inst-page/inst-koshumuInstrumentals, BGMs, Originals
mina.fmn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)BGMs
Moon Jellymoonjelly.netBGMs
Ng Reimondn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Piano, SFX
Nosnos-comms.carrd.coAudio Engineer/Composer, also does Mixing
Oka Meinkoatelierokameinko.carrd.coBGMs
Pathcel Tartsn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Freelance musician.
phieeen/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"past work is on soundcloud! Please dm for commissions :3"
Pure Smilepuresmile.carrd.coInstrumentals, BGMs, Top Line Melody, Lyrics
Shido Strifegreentabbyaudio.comOriginals, Instrumentals, Mixing
solossolos7music.wixsite.com/solosBGMs, Instrumentals, Alerts
Taiyoshi Yuuton/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Tenshi Hankan/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned) 
Tokyo Terrace Music Productiontokyoterracemp.wixsite.com/tokyoterrace🛠️ [Tokyo Terrace Music Production]
Tsukiko Chican/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)"BGMs, Alerts, Arrangement, and other services (check carrd). Classically-trained pianist with 15+ years experience!"
UTALIVEutalive.pro🛠️ [UTALIVE] BGMs
VInxfiihttps://vinxfii.carrd.co/#musicFuture Bass & Lofi BGMs
wasiGoogle DocBGMs, Instrumentals, Mixing
Xandern/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)BGMs
Zephysonasthezephy.wixsite.com/zephycommissions"I am a Composer, Audio Engineer, and Sound Designer looking for passionate creators to help realize their vision!"


Azuma Tougaazuma.redMixing specialization in EDM, electronic and pop songs
Dictatethemixshack.wixsite.com/commissionsTiming, Tuning, Mixing, Mastering, Harmony Guides, Adlibs Guides
esther.exeestherdotexe.carrd.coTiming, Tuning, Harmony Guides
excelsiorGoogle DocTiming, Tuning, FX, Mastering
GINkougino.carrd.coHarmony Guides, Tuning
Kai✮kaimmissions.carrd.coGeneral Mixing
Keitaan/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)General Mixing
Kikyo Futabakikyofutaba.comTiming, Tuning, EQ, FX, Mixing, Mastering, Artificial Harmonies
Kurikuricovers.carrd.coTiming, Tuning, Mixing, Artificial Harmonies
mewmsmewmsmixes.carrd.coTiming, Tuning, FX, Artificial Harmonies
Nagisanagisacomms.carrd.coGeneral Mixing
Rumagipriru.carrd.coTiming, Tuning, Mixing, Mastering, Harmony Guides, Translyrics
SasoriKo-FiGeneral Mixing
Shigerushisakun.carrd.coTiming, Tuning, Mixing, Mastering, Artificial Harmonies
Shioshiokaraidesu.wixsite.com/mix-commissionTiming, Tuning, Mixing, Mastering, Harmony Guides, Artificial Harmony

Voice Acting & Vocalists

OzwaldDemo Reel 
PapiDemo Reel"If my voice fits the bill Email me! I'd Love to be your Villain Or just goofy character."

Video Commissions

  • Before contacting a creator, please check their websites for their ToS, process, pricing, & availability! This will save you and the creator a lot of time, we like commissioners who can read. 😎

  • I recommend looking through the commissions guides if you are new to commissioning creators.

  • Please refer to the suggestions/feedback section if there is an issue with a listing.

🛠️ - Indicates a guild/group or association with one. Please contact them via their group's website / contacts instead of the individual.
Some groups may present themselves as a singular entity (or it may be difficult to find individual member info) so they may be listed as such.

Artheval Studioarthevalstudios.carrd.co🛠️ [Artheval Studio] Music Videos, Stream Assets
BillyNabiln/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Music Videos, Promotional Videos, Stream Assets
Kusahaipew.crd.coGeneral Motion Graphics
Haru Tandhiralinktr.ee/HaruTandhira" 3DCG Generalist/VFX/Animator/Compositor"
Izuizushizuka.com"I'm Izu, a freelance motion designer. Mainly working on stream graphics and animating them!"
jadan/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Editing
josjozceli.carrd.co"mv animation • motion graphics"
Kirlianakirliana.carrd.coMusic Videos
Kylen/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Editing
Neilsurelynotneil.carrd.coMusic VIdeos
Noru Studionorustudio.carrd.co🛠️ [Noru Studio] Debut Trailer, Music Videos, etc.
Raina Illunerainailluneae.creatorlink.netMusic Videos, Stream Videos
RigurumaGoogle DocMusic Videos
Spvwvkyn/a (check Twitter status/bio/pinned)Stream Graphics
StarFyr3zstarfyr3z.carrd.coStream Graphics
Sushamiisushamii.carrd.coMusic Videos
TAMAnekohapicubii-commissions.carrd.coMusic Videos
Thou Art Potatothouartpotato.carrd.coStream Assets, Music Videos, Logo Animations
whyusanwhyusan.artMusic Videos